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Price Rite Moving & Storage, LLC is a Top Rated HomeAdvisor Pro
Price Rite Moving & Storage, LLC is a BBB Accredited Mover in Saint Petersburg, FL
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Price Rite Moving & Storage, LLC is a BBB Accredited Mover in Saint Petersburg, FL

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GETTING STARTED - what you need to know about preparing for a Price Rite move.  Senior moving in St. Petersburg or local and intrastate residential moving in St. Petersburg.

Being prepared is key to a successful move.  We suggest everything is packed two days before your scheduled move.  Last minute items such as sheets and pillows can be put in the bottom of a wardrobe box before sealing them up.  Remember to separately pack a few day's worth of essentials.  Consider this go bag as security for items typically taken for granted like toilet paper or a tube of toothpaste. 

Appliances and Electronics being moved are required to have water, power and exhaust's disconnected prior to the Price Rite move team arriving onsite.  Any connection cords such as coax cables, speaker wire, water lines etc. should be removed and packed separately.

Refrigerated items:  Best that perishable items travel with you as we cannot guarantee the food box will be the first off the truck.

Medications:  Bring your medications with you.

Drawers:  we will move the dressers with clothes only.  Any other loose items such as medications, jewelry, or other small items should be removed and packed or taken with you.

Microwaves:  of course we will move your microwave, but please remember to unplug it and pack separately any moving parts like the glass turn table. 

Small Appliances:  Toasters, coffee makers etc. should all be wrapped and packed.  Remember to drain any water and clean the appliances prior to packing.

Lampshades:  Are a fragile item.  Ensure they are properly wrapped and boxed or alternately wrap and store in the bottom of a wardrobe box with your clothes.

Packing:  The heavier the item the smaller the box.  Always use proper tape when sealing boxes and use 50lbs as the maximum weight for a box.  Label all boxes top and sides with room and content information that you feel is needed for a swift unpack. 

Outdoor Equipment:  Drain fuel from mower etc. 


Firearms:  We cannot legally transport firearms.  So please properly pack and move any firearms prior to moving day.

Chemicals:  We cannot legally transport chemicals of any kind.  this includes cleaning products, oils, bleach, antifreeze, matches, paint, aerosols, flammables, corrosives, caustics.  Not sure about a substance.  We are here to help please call us to determine if a substance is transportable.  Please properly store and move chemicals prior to moving day.

Pets:  We love your pets, however under our feet and in the back of a truck is no place for you loved ones.  Please arrange pet daycare for move day.  Please note any aquariums and crates need to be empty in order to be moved. 

Loose Items:  We will pad and wrap all your furniture but small loose items cannot be moved if not packed.  We can provide picture boxes, mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags and or boxes.  If it fits in a box it should be moved in a box.

Open Containers:  Ensure all opened food items are properly sealed.